Hand, Head and Art

The Great Elfquest Archiving Project is beginning to feel like it’s been infiltrated by HYDRA. “Scan a drawing and two more shall take its place!” There’s no longer enough space in the office (where the scanner lives); the art is spilling upward and outward into the living area. And even this is but the tip of the iceberg.

Elfquest Before and After

This isn’t a spoiler, as the cover to Final Quest #3 has already appeared on the web. But we thought you’d enjoy seeing the final art up against Wendy’s preliminary sketch.

Elfquest proposal cover art, 1977

As the countdown continues to the release (October 9, in comics shops everywhere) of the latest Elfquest story, here’s a peek back to the very beginning, even before 1978’s Fantasy Quarterly #1. This is Wendy’s cover to the presentation we showed to Marvel and DC a year earlier, in an effort to get one of them interested in our newfangled fantasy tale.

SDCC 2004 Art Auction

Why is this woman grimacing? Here I am, facing every artist’s worst nightmare – a blank sheet of paper! You see, every year, I, along with many other artists, contribute a painting – done right on the spot in front of an audience – to be auctioned to benefit one of the many charities the Comic Con International contributes to. This year, the proceeds went to Handicap Services, which provided all the wheelchairs for disabled attendees, as well as interpreters for the deaf at all the panel discussions.

What did I just see?

Very recently, we here at Elf Central began to receive email from curious and concerned readers who had started to see what looked like Wendy Pini fantasy artwork in places such as eBay – but it certainly didn’t appear to be Elfquest art. And these folks wondered if this art was indeed Wendy’s, or if it was some very clever knockoff. The answer, in short, is: Yes, it’s Wendy’s artwork, and no, it’s not Elfquest. It’s something new and different and exciting and… Well, why not let the artist herself explain!

The ElfQuest Tarot Experiment

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