Wendy and Richard Pini Cancel Remaining 2021 Appearances

This is very difficult. It feels like March 2020 all over again. We very much wanted to get back on the convention circuit for over a year. But after dipping our toes in the water with a couple of shows in 2021, we’ve come to the realization that we don’t yet feel safe being in an enclosed space with a lot of people. Also, the news about surges of the Delta Covid variant on both the East and West coasts has further alarmed us.

Sonja and the Wizard

Nearly 35 years later (being uploaded late 2012) the only surviving record of the legendary “Red Sonja and the Wizard” show is finally available for viewing. This was the final – and best – performance, given by Wendy Pini and Frank Thorne (with Richard Pini on sound and special effects) at the San Diego Comic Con in 1978. Someone in the audience had a Super-8 film camera and caught as much of the show as possible under difficult conditions, thus the variable quality of both sound and picture.

Wendy’s Elf Book

Years back, we began an Elfquest convention souvenir sketch book and – as you might guess – asked the artists whose work we enjoyed to render an elf. Didn’t matter in what context, in what style. Simply, draw an elf. The results, for the first time ever, are showcased here for your enjoyment. 
Please enjoy (share the link to the entire gallery if you like) but don’t use these images for any other purpose, on any other web site or personal stationery or computer wallpaper or anything else.

SDCC 2004 Art Auction

Why is this woman grimacing? Here I am, facing every artist’s worst nightmare – a blank sheet of paper! You see, every year, I, along with many other artists, contribute a painting – done right on the spot in front of an audience – to be auctioned to benefit one of the many charities the Comic Con International contributes to. This year, the proceeds went to Handicap Services, which provided all the wheelchairs for disabled attendees, as well as interpreters for the deaf at all the panel discussions.

San Diego Comic-Con 2003 in pictures

How big was it? Well, without having a fisheye lens for the camera, all we can show you is about half of the convention center on the bay in downtown San Diego, California. They’re saying attendance this year was around 75,000. We think they’re underestimating. It was into this that Elfquest, at age 25, went. Once you got inside, that’s when the enormity of the place really hit you. We don’t know how many acres’ worth of floor space were opened up for this show, but we do know that if you stood at one end of the hall, you could not see the other end, because of the curvature of the earth… The Comic Con has evolved mightily from simply a show about comic books, into a major media exposition.


Elves, toys, and 40,000 or so close friends… Cutter and Leetah visit the Warp booth… …and are themselves visited by the Dark Lady of Blue Mountain, Winnowill! “We all know who the REAL star of the Elfquest movie is, don’t we…” (click herefor some observations on the show from Winnowill herself!)   “And while I’m at it, Mr. Publisher, I want more pages in the comics too!” Father and daughter. Overview of the booths. We’re sharing space with Living Toyz, the company that is producing the toys.