Winnowill Halloween cosplay

Halloween may be old news, but this is new to us: a wonderful Winnowill cosplay from last year’s trick-or-treat season. This kid loves a good (bad) villain and gets her as well as anyone has. Mom Brandi writes:
…she has decided to be Winnowill, another Elfquest character, for Halloween this year. I flippantly said something about her deciding she wanted to be a “bad guy”. She thought about that for awhile, and then very seriously asked if Winnowill was “bad”.

Cosplayer Brings ElfQuest’s Brill to Life

ElfQuest fan Damson Breet Deet posted pictures of her incredible cosplay of a pregnant Brill. She writes:
Ever since reading the Final Quest Special, I’ve often thought how amazing it would be to do a special cosplay photoshoot of Brill if I ever got pregnant again. Though we don’t live near the ocean, the stars aligned and we happened to be in SoCal this Thanksgiving when I was about 4 months along! Hope you like them.  Photos taken by my hubby near Carlsbad, CA.

ElfQuest Cosplayers Hit C2E2

We always love to see cosplayers do Elfquest characters. We love it even more when a group of them get together and make a cosplay "tribe." That's just what happened at this year's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Take a look at the stunning job these cosplayers did portraying Kahvi, Leetah, Clearbrook and Nightfall.

Strongbow at the Antwerp Convention #5

On Sunday, April 26th was the Antwerp Convention #5. Siwan Lesbeth brought her A-game to cosplay the silent archer Strongbow. Even building a section of his cage from Blue Mountain. Check out some of her work in progress. Like Strongbow, she makes her own arrows. Almost there! Siwan has her coplay page on Facebook.

Huntress Skyfire captured on film

Elfquest fans know how to cosplay. Here’s Hope Keyes, who took bow in hand and became the fierce Huntress Skyfire, escaping into the woods for some fun. She said the bugs were horrendous, but we’re glad she braved them. See more of her awesome work here.

Fantastic fan-art fashion ideas

Over at Polyvore, lowkie-runya has posted an amazing array of everyday wear inspired by a variety of Elfquest characters. It’s not cosplay, but we love it. If you like her Elfquest collection you should check out her other amazing creations here.

Let’s HEAR it for trailblazing!

This is a toughie, because the examples from which I want to choose range wide and deep, yet I want to kick this thread off with a single instance. I hope everyone who reads this will then add to it. I want also to avoid any whiff of cronyism – which might, to an outside observer, seem impossible. Nevertheless, I’m not here because of a 40+ year personal and professional relationship with Wendy Pini. I’m here because of the intensifying (even to me) realization that Wendy has been and continues to be, in so many ways, a pioneer.

“Greatest Cosplayer of All Time”

It certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And whether or not you agree, there’s no denying that Wendy Pini is one multi-faceted lady. A cosplay pioneer before the word was coined, co-creator and artistic force behind “the first American manga” Elfquest, imaginatrix to the re-envisioning of “Masque of the Red Death” into a futuristic musical thriller-to-be. Good reviews are always appreciated. Good and respectful reviews, now those are rare treats! Read one here.

Skywise & Aroree

Lupin Cosplay and Penny Cosplay, photographed by SAKS photography, make an adorable couple. Writes Lupin: “despite their differences they get through some hard times (and most defiantly also so very PASSIONATE times hurhurhur).” Be sure to keep an eye on Lupin’s Facebook page, where more’s to be published soon.