Sounds like Elfquest!

The guys at Comic Relief do a podcast on indy comics and give Elfquest a very nice seven-and-a-half minutes. The entire show is at their site but you can hear the EQ segment on its own right here.


One of the best moments of our “Final Quest” #1 autographing (January 24, 2014 at Hypno Comics in Ventura, CA) was when a lovely hearing-impaired couple came up and the fellow wrote a single word on a slip of paper: “Send.” He then proceeded to demonstrate his invented hand sign (just before going a little bit Rayek on us). Priceless!

Elfquest 101

Every day brings another someone’s brand new discovery of Elfquest. Dark Horse and Bleeding Cool have made the intro easy right here!

The storm before the storm

One week until “Final Quest'” #1 hits the stands – and speculation runs wild. Who can save us from the Death of a Thousand What-Ifs? LOOK! Down in the cubicle! It’s a red pencil! It’s a delete key! It’s…

New Moon in living 3-D!

Elfquest fans translate Cutter’s sword New Moon from 2-D image to 3-D reality! (Send us more examples and we’ll post them all here.)

Wendy’s Elf Book

Years back, we began an Elfquest convention souvenir sketch book and – as you might guess – asked the artists whose work we enjoyed to render an elf. Didn’t matter in what context, in what style. Simply, draw an elf. The results, for the first time ever, are showcased here for your enjoyment. 
Please enjoy (share the link to the entire gallery if you like) but don’t use these images for any other purpose, on any other web site or personal stationery or computer wallpaper or anything else.

When “movie” equals “spoon”

Not a week goes by that we don’t read a post or private message: “Any news on the Elfquest movie?” Okay, it’s been a little while, but that’s why you can scroll down through past entries, to catch up on what you might have missed. It was almost two years ago (January 20, 2012) that Warner Bros., after having had Elfquest under option and consideration for four years, said “no.” And it was about a month prior to that (December 11, 2011) that Wendy posted on Facebook: “As you know, Richard and I are waiting to hear if Warner Bros.,