Fans React to Hearing ElfQuest Audio Movie for the First Time

On Saturday, January 22, 2022, ElfQuest fans got their very first taste of Episode One of the ElfQuest Audio Movie at a special livestream listening event for crowdfunding backers of the project. To say we are blown away at the tremendous response is an understatement. Whether fans posted their reactions in the livestream chat, in the ElfQuest Audio Movie Discord, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we deeply appreciate them all. In fact, we’ve collected a sampling of some of our favorites to share here.

The storm before the storm

One week until “Final Quest'” #1 hits the stands – and speculation runs wild. Who can save us from the Death of a Thousand What-Ifs? LOOK! Down in the cubicle! It’s a red pencil! It’s a delete key! It’s…