Wendy Pini Goes Deep in “Comic Book Creator” Interview

For nearly six hours in September, 2019, ElfQuest co-creator Wendy Pini sat down with Jon B. Cooke, editor of “Comic Book Creator” magazine, for one of the most candid, nothing-held-back interviews she’s ever given. In the article, titled Shadow and Sunlight: The Deep Sorrows and Radiant Joys of Wendy Fletcher Pini, Wendy goes deep into the ups and downs of not just her career, but her entire life, and how her creative spirit helped her navigate it all. Wendy says, “I’m rather moved by the interview’s title.

Wendy and Richard Pini Discuss ElfQuest, New Projects During COVID

Wendy and Richard Pini recently sat down virtually with author Charles Barouch of the Concellation 2020 YouTube Channel, which features interviews with creators, celebrities and other notables in science fiction and fantasy. The Pinis talked about the production of their current comic series “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” during the COVID-19 pandemic and gave an update on their Masque of the Red Death musical project. They also took a walk down memory lane to the early days of ElfQuest, Wendy’s legendary performances as Red Sonja and their support of conservation and education center Wolf Park.

Charlie Meyerson’s 1984 Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini

In the mid-1980s Charles Meyerson wrote a 6-installment series for First Comics on “The Origins of Independent Comics.” Part 4 focused on ElfQuest. Richard and Wendy were – and are – proud to have been included. It’s a good read. Charlie has now made the full interview series available online. Read it (part 4 specifically) here.

ElfQuest Featured on Women Who Write Comics

Wendy and Richard Pini are interviewed by Women Who Write Comics, an Eisner Award-nominated online journal that employs a diverse group of intersectional, international feminists to provide an equally varied insight into the world of comic book culture and the comic book industry at large. Kat Overland and Val Freire ask the Pinis interesting (and provocative) questions about the evolution of Wendy’s art, foreign-language translations of ElfQuest, the craziest stories they’ve heard about themselves, political correctness, and polyamory, among others. Read the full interview here.