Wendy Pini Makes Special Appearance at P-22 Day

ElfQuest creator Wendy Pini will be a special guest at the National Wildlife Federation's "P-22 Day" in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 22. Copies of Wendy's exclusive art print will be available for just $30 (this print normally retails for $100) and all proceeds go to support the National Wildlife Federation's wildlife conservation work.

New YouTube Channel Devoted to Collecting ElfQuest

Super-collector Mandy Roncolio-Meyer, founder of the ElfQuest Collectors UNITE Facebook group, has launched a new companion YouTube channel called the ElfQuest Collectors Guide. Mandy's latest video shows the unboxing of the limited edition, exclusive signed print of P-22, the lonely mountain lion of Hollywood. Wendy and Richard produced just 100 signed copies of the print as a fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation's #SaveLACougars campaign.

Exclusive Wendy Pini Art Print Supports Wildlife Conservation

Readers of ElfQuest know that a message of living in harmony with the natural world and its creatures has been woven into the story from the very beginning. Now, Wendy and Richard Pini are supporting the wildlife conservation work of the National Wildlife Federation with an exclusive, limited edition art print. All proceeds from the sale of the print go to support the #SaveLACougars campaign to build a wildlife overpass over California's busy 101 Freeway for mountain lions and other animals to safely cross. Get your print today while supplies last, and be a part of ensuring a future where wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world.