ElfQuest 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

When you're putting together your holiday wish list this year, don't forget ElfQuest! Let friends and family know that ElfQuest would make the perfect gift for you this year. Or just treat yourself! Here's a handy guide to all the latest ElfQuest books and merchandise to add to your collection.

Ride to the Hunt with new ElfQuest Design

Each month during 2022 we showcase new artwork in the Official ElfQuest Redbubble Shop, our print-on-demand store. Our latest design features Cutter and Strongbow in bold black and white, riding through the forest on wolf-back in hot pursuit of prey. Tonight, the whole tribe will feast! Show your love of the wild Wolfrider spirit with apparel, magnets, hardcover journals, pin buttons, art prints and more featuring this dynamic design! Order it here.  

ElfQuest Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride

Happy Pride Month! Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, celebrating Pride this month and year-round is a powerful way to join the fight to create a world like that of ElfQuest, where everyone is free to be their true, authentic selves and love whomever they choose without stigma or discrimination. Everyone–including people of all gender identities, orientations, and from all kinds of families–is welcome in ElfQuest fandom. We see you and we support you. We created two ElfQuest designs integrating the LGBTQ+ rainbow to show that support of the community, and many of you asked us to make them available in our Redbubble Shop.

Stargazer’s Hunt Brings New Skywise Merchandise

In celebration of the long-awaited release of the ElfQuest: Stargazer's Hunt - Vol 2 in comics shops this month, our latest Redbubble Shop design showcases the volume's cover artwork by Wendy Pini. Get it posters, stickers, apparel and more!

Ride to Adventure with Young Cutter and Skywise

Each month during 2022 we’re releasing a new design in the Official ElfQuest Redbubble Shop, our print-on-demand store. Fans can get each design on a wide variety of products from art prints and stickers to apparel and decor–and much, much more. Our latest design features artwork by Wendy Pini. Titled “Young Cutter and Skywise,” it’s a memory of a younger time, before the days of grown-up concerns and quests for survival. The two young Wolfriders race to adventure with their trusty wolf-friends Nightrunner and Starjumper with not a care in the world.

Wendy Pini-Sonny Strait Collaboration Available in ElfQuest Shop

Each month during 2022 we're releasing a new design in the Official ElfQuest Redbubble Shop which fans can get on a wide variety of items from art prints and puzzles to apparel and decor and much, much more. Our latest design "ElfQuest Adventure" is an artistic collaboration between Sonny Strait and Wendy Pini.

Get New Skywise Design on T-Shirts, Prints and More

Our latest design-of-the-month features the ever-popular stargazer Skywise and his loyal wolf-friend Starjumper. Get this design on t-shirts and a wide variety of other ElfQuest merchandise in our Official Redbubble Shop.

Kick Off 2022 With Skywise!

What better way to celebrate your love of our puckish elfin astronomer than sporting our new Skywise "Stargazer" design on a t-shirt, adding a sticker to your laptop, gracing your wall with a print, or going beddy-bye under a Skywise duvet! Get it all and more in the Official ElfQuest Redubble Shop.

Support CDC Foundation with New ElfQuest Designs

Heads up! Masks up! We’ve been asked, and are proud to help support, the Heroes Wear Masks campaign being run by Facts2Health and the CDC Foundation. It’s a fact that wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, yet many still don’t get it. We feel that if even one person thinks, “If it’s OK by Cutter, it’s OK by me,” we’ve made the world a little healthier. With that goal in mind, we’ve created two new ElfQuest designs featuring Cutter to help spread this message.

Three New ElfQuest Designs for Apparel, Prints and More

  Three new designs have been added to the ElfQuest Redbubble Shop to celebrate the conclusion of the Final Quest and the completion of Cutter Kinseeker’s Hero’s Journey. Pick your favorite design–or all three of them–to be custom-printed on clothing, framed prints, smartphone and tablet covers, mugs, clocks, stickers and dozens of other items by Redbubble. First is the “Classic Trio” design, complete with the vintage comic book pixel coloring. Here it is featured on Redbubble’s contrast tank top:   Next is the “Forever My Chief” design, sure to fill you with emotion after the conclusion of Final Quest.

One-Eye and Clearbrook Design Available for Limited Time

We're excited to premiere the first of our limited-time designs in the new Elfquest Redbubble Store. Available for one month only is the classic illustration of Wolfriders One-Eye and Clearbrook, originally published as the back cover of issue 15 of the Classic Quest. The design will be available through February 18, 2016.