New Release Date for ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2

We’ve confirmed with Dark Horse Comics that the release of ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt – Vol 2 has been pushed back by one week and will now be available exclusively in comic shops on May 25th, 2022. Release via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other booksellers has been pushed to June 28th, 2022, as have all digital releases (Comixology, Kindle, Nook and Dark Horse Digital). This presents a great opportunity to support your local comics shop! Use the comic shop locator to find yours.

Ride to Adventure with Young Cutter and Skywise

Each month during 2022 we’re releasing a new design in the Official ElfQuest Redbubble Shop, our print-on-demand store. Fans can get each design on a wide variety of products from art prints and stickers to apparel and decor–and much, much more. Our latest design features artwork by Wendy Pini. Titled “Young Cutter and Skywise,” it’s a memory of a younger time, before the days of grown-up concerns and quests for survival. The two young Wolfriders race to adventure with their trusty wolf-friends Nightrunner and Starjumper with not a care in the world.

Get New Skywise Design on T-Shirts, Prints and More

Our latest design-of-the-month features the ever-popular stargazer Skywise and his loyal wolf-friend Starjumper. Get this design on t-shirts and a wide variety of other ElfQuest merchandise in our Official Redbubble Shop.

Kick Off 2022 With Skywise!

What better way to celebrate your love of our puckish elfin astronomer than sporting our new Skywise "Stargazer" design on a t-shirt, adding a sticker to your laptop, gracing your wall with a print, or going beddy-bye under a Skywise duvet! Get it all and more in the Official ElfQuest Redubble Shop.

Dark Horse Comics Announces New ElfQuest Series “Stargazer’s Hunt”

We are tremendously excited to report a brand new ElfQuest comic series kicking off in 2019. ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt picks up a few years following the conclusion of The Final Quest, the forty-years-in-the-telling tale of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey, and focuses on Cutter’s brother in all but blood, Skywise. What does life hold for the Wolfriders’ one-time stargazer now that he’s achieved his ultimate dream of returning to the Starhome? How does he cope with the loss of his soulmate Cutter?


Herewith the cover to the program book for Emerald City Comic Con, coming up fast the end of this month. Notice anything particularly noteworthy over toward the left side? Cover art by Brandon Graham.

Skywise & Aroree

Lupin Cosplay and Penny Cosplay, photographed by SAKS photography, make an adorable couple. Writes Lupin: “despite their differences they get through some hard times (and most defiantly also so very PASSIONATE times hurhurhur).” Be sure to keep an eye on Lupin’s Facebook page, where more’s to be published soon.