Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 released

ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 is now available in comic stores! To say we are excited for you to finally get to read the conclusion of Skywise’s quest to recover something precious lost is an understatement. The initial release is exclusively in comics shops.  You can use the Comic Shop Locator to find your local shops or type “comics” into your GPS map on your mobile device. We recommend calling in advance and asking for ElfQuest to make sure they have it in stock, and if they don’t, ask them to order it for you.

Wendy Pini-Sonny Strait Collaboration Available in ElfQuest Shop

Each month during 2022 we're releasing a new design in the Official ElfQuest Redbubble Shop which fans can get on a wide variety of items from art prints and puzzles to apparel and decor and much, much more. Our latest design "ElfQuest Adventure" is an artistic collaboration between Sonny Strait and Wendy Pini.

Sonny Makes (Another) Funny

Sonny Strait, artist on “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt,” is back at it with a fun cartoon about the process of helping to create new ElfQuest tales. Sonny has recently been taking sketch suggestions from fans and got a request to do a drawing of what it’s like working on ElfQuest with Wendy and Richard Pini. Here is the result, which he shared on his Facebook page. This latest illustration updates Sonny’s classic “How to Make Funny Books” comic from his early days (nearly 20 years ago!)

Sonny Strait solves Hollywood’s problem with ElfQuest

You’ve heard us mention, in various interviews, that one of Hollywood’s problems with Elfquest has always been the adult tone of some of its material. Well, EQ artist Sonny Strait (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) has an answer for that: “Li’l Elfquest!” Think it’ll fly?  

The ElfQuest Show Podcast is Back

The ElfQuest Show podcast is back! For the new episode, something historic: Wendy Pini and Sonny Strait - as peers, colleagues, friends, and mutual admirers - bring you an hour and a half of conversation about comics as art, politics, mythology, business, trial, success - truly a rare opportunity to listen in on a spontaneous dialog between two comics superstars.

Sonny’s ElfQuest Poster

Fresh off the success of the ElfQuest art book Kickstarter campaign, we've got vintage art on our mind. While the three new books that will be published as a result of the Kickstarter by Flesk Publications focus solely on Wendy's art, there is art by other ElfQuest artists out there worthy of remembering too. Click through to find out more about this wonderful poster by Final Quest colorist Sonny Strait.