The ElfQuest Show Is Back – New Episode

For Episode 48, host David Charles Mizejewski is joined by fellow fan Michael McAdam. Their insights and outpouring of feelings about Stargazer's Hunt Volume 2 will go straight to your heart. Michael in particular is able to discuss the spiritual aspects of the story so comfortably, in an all-embracing way. You will melt when they rhapsodize about Cutter and Skywise’s relationship!

Holt Club Winner and The ElfQuest TikTok Challenge

And the winner of our first Holt Club Challenge is… Kat Pepmiller! Congratulations, Kat, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped us reach our first goal of 250 rates and reviews of the ElfQuest Audio Movie on Apple Podcasts! Kat was picked at random from all current Holt Club Members and she chose the signed copy of Fantasy Quarterly #1 from Wendy and Richard Pini’s personal collection as her prize. Your Next Holt Club Mission Is…The ElfQuest TikTok Challenge!

ElfQuest Show Podcast – Episode 47

  With the release of ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 from Dark Horse Comics in comics shops, The ElfQuest Show is back with a new episode–and something new. In addition to the podcast, host David Mizejewski has also created a video version available on YouTube. Now you can watch or listen! In this episode David and guest host Tanya talk about the awesome new characters, all of the threads to past and future ElfQuest stories woven into Stargazer’s Hunt, seeds for future stories, Wendy Pini and Sonny Strait’s gorgeous art, and of course the conclusion of Skywise’s star-spanning quest to recover his lost memory of Cutter.

Listen to Episode 46 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

ElfQuest: The Audio Movie This special episode of The ElfQuest Show podcast features a recording of the livestream event announcing ElfQuest: The Audio Movie and the crowdfunding campaign to support it. Listen as podcast host David “Thornbrake” Mizejewski kicks off the fun with ElfQuest trivia. Catch all the details about the audio movie from the incredibly talented team at Dagaz Media and The Fantasy Network who are working closely with Wendy and Richard Pini to produce the series. Bonus – a teaser sample of music that has already been composed and orchestrated.

Listen to Episode 44 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

The ElfQuest Show podcast is back with a new episode all about issue #3 of ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt. Host David Mizejewski is joined by fellow long-time ElfQuest fan Heather Beschizza for a far-ranging discussion about Skywise’s titular quest and the unexpected turn it takes. They also unpack Timmain’s empathy, parallels between Rayek and Skywise, Sunstream’s goodbye to Cutter, Thistlecap the Preserver, Jink’s growth both physically and as a character, why Yun is a boss, and the nature of “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.”

Listen to Episode 43 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Issue 2 of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” is here and so is a new episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast! In episode 43, David and guest host Michael McAdam discuss Timmain’s reveal to her lifemate Skywise, of her secret connection to Cutter, the stargazer’s “brother in all but blood,” and Skywise’s explosive reaction. David and Michael also unpack Jink’s fateful choice, Cutter’s whereabouts, Aurek‘s gentle reprimand, the new Preserver Thistlecap, elfin interior design and more. To listen, download the episode or stream it below.

Listen to Episode 42 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

In episode 42 of The ElfQuest Show podcast, David Mizejewski and guest host Tanya Scott-Thomas to react to the premiere issue ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt. David and Tanya discuss the art collaboration between Wendy Pini and series artist Sonny Strait, the first glimpse of life on the Starhome, Strongbow’s grief, Jink as a child, Venka’s parenting choices, and Skywise’s loss and fear. Also included is a recap of major events of ElfQuest – The Final Quest, news updates on the latest new ElfQuest releases, and a summary of all the ways to purchase and read ElfQuest comics and graphic novels.

Listen to Episode 41 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Wendy and Richard Pini have announced a brand new ElfQuest series coming from Dark Horse Comics! The first issue of ElfQuest - Stargazer's Hunt will premiere on November 13, 2019. The Pinis joined ElfQuest Show podcast host David Mizejewski to talk all about what they have in store for new series.

Listen to Episode 40 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

We’re excited to announce something totally new and different for the ElfQuest Show podcast. With episode 40, host David Mizejewski launches a new series of episodes focusing on specific characters. With literally a cast of hundreds in the saga, there’s no shortage of subjects. While it would have been easy to start with Cutter, Leetah or Skywise–the main characters of the series–David decided to kick this off with someone who hasn’t had as much time in the spotlight. Even secondary players in ElfQuest have their own personalities, histories, roles to play, and devoted fandoms.

Listen to Episode 39 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

It’s been one year since the release of the final issue of The Final Quest. ElfQuest Show podcast host David Mizejewski caught up with Wendy and Richard Pini to hear what the last year has been like and what it feels like to have concluded Cutter’s Hero’s Journey, a story 40 years in the telling. The Pinis share their experiences meeting fans on the Forty Years of Pointed Ears appearance tour and being nominated for an Eisner Award, as well as their insights into Wendy’s “animated” drawing technique, Moonshade’s death, the Palace’s hum, the mythic quality of Cutter’s tale, the power of “Once Upon a Time,” hints and foreshadowing, clues about what’s next .

The ElfQuest Show Podcast is Back

The ElfQuest Show podcast is back! For the new episode, something historic: Wendy Pini and Sonny Strait - as peers, colleagues, friends, and mutual admirers - bring you an hour and a half of conversation about comics as art, politics, mythology, business, trial, success - truly a rare opportunity to listen in on a spontaneous dialog between two comics superstars.

Listen to Episode 37 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

We’ve arrived at the final issue of the Final Quest and with it the conclusion of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey. With this episode,  Ryan’s original vision for the podcast to chronicle each issue of the Final Quest series has been fulfilled. Pour a glass of dreamberry wine, grab some tissues, and join Ryan and David for one last deep dive together into the World of Two Moons as they discuss the series-changing events of Final Quest #24 and what’s next for the podcast.

Listen to Episode 36 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

The Final Quest draws ever closer to its conclusion. In this episode, Ryan and David tackle issue #23, an emotional rollercoaster with heart and heartbreak in equal measure and the penultimate chapter of the saga. They discuss Windkin’s lethal work, Dewshine’s threat, Dart’s full circle, Two-Edge’s valor, the Go-Backs’ armor, Treestump’s dream, the mystery of the Little Palace, Kimo’s sacrifice, Leetah’s song, the Wolfriders’ naivete, Shuna’s fate, Strongbow’s choice, the end of the Way, and more. One more issue to go!

Listen to Special Double-Episode ElfQuest Show Podcast

Issue #22 of the Final Quest is a pivotal issue not only in the Final Quest series but in the entire 40-year-old ElfQuest saga–so much so that it took David and Ryan two episodes to discuss it. They talk Yun’s character development, the significance of High Winds Holt, the WaveDancers’ newfound purpose, Old Maggoty’s choice, the birth of Venka’s child, Leetah’s new role, the fulfillment of Skywise’s quest to reach the stars, his relationship with Cutter and Timmain, the ultimate fate of Moonshade and Strongbow, and the impact of saying goodbye.

New ElfQuest Show Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Comixology Panel

In this special episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast, David interviews Comixology’s Tia Vasiliou, a long-time fan who helped put together the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel entitled “ElfQuest: An Intimate Conversation with Wendy and Richard Pini.” Download the episode or listen to it below to hear how this panel came to be, what questions Tia and her panel co-host Matt Kolowski asked, and Tia’s reactions to the Pinis’ responses. Also, learn how to get ElfQuest on Comixology and what the platform has to offer.

Listen to Episode 32 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Final Quest #20 is here and it’s party time in Father Tree Holt. The impending threat of gun-wielding humans doesn’t stop the elves from celebrating a new lifemating and a surprise Recognition. With Ryan off on vacation, David and special guest hosts Lisa Lannen and Katie La Salle-Lowry discuss these joyous events, plus the handing over of the mantle of chieftainship, new developments in Moonshade and Strongbow’s troubled relationship, a new look for some trolls, a lovemate for Two-Edge, Rayek growing up, the spectre of death by fire for some ancient elves, and the answer to the question, “who stays, who goes?”

Listen to Special Podcast about Line of Beauty: the Art of Wendy Pini

  Line of Beauty: the Art of Wendy Pini is the third of the art books published by Flesk Publications. It’s a retrospective on the artistic development and career (to date) of Wendy Pini. Written by Richard Pini, it’s filled with deep insight and never-before-seen-art and is a must-read for any fans of ElfQuest or the Pinis. In this special episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast, host David Mizejewski discusses it all with a surprise guest. Stream it above, or head to SoundCloud to download it here.

Listen to Episode 30 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Cutter has completed his most recent quest and returned to the Holt, and himself. In this episode, David and Ryan talk about his return and what it means for the Wolfriders, including the fate of Ember's chieftainship. Plus, Rayek's sexy new outfit, Tyleet's quest, Dart and Mender's big news, Door's diabolical plans, Shuna's role in the impending conflict with her countrymen, revelations about even more new elves, and the deepening realization (of both the characters and the fans) that the end is approaching--the guys chew on it all in this episode.

Listen to Episode 29 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

In this episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast, Ryan and David discuss issue #18 of the Final Quest. Cutter completes his latest quest in the Frozen Mountains and the guys muse on the implications of his powerful apology for both elves and trolls. They also talk about the evolution of Strongbow and Moonshade’s troubled relationship, the growing powers of the Palace Dwellers, the poor treatment Two-Edge has received in his long life, Skywise’s foibles and Venka’s big surprise. Ryan and David cover all this and more in this episode of the podcast!

Listen to Episode 28 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Final Quest #17 raises as many questions as it answered. Cutter seems on the path back to sanity, but what is his newest quest all about? What does he need Two-Edge for and why is the key so important? Who is this new troll king? Will Venka crush Rayek, or will she sense the profound change in her sire? Are all the Howling Winds Holt Wolfriders moving to the Father Tree Holt? How will Shuna’s idea of teaching the human tribes of Iceholt the Djunsland tongue possibly help them survive the coming onslaught?

Listen to Episode 27 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

In this episode Ryan and David focus on issue #16 of the Final Quest and continue the conversation about Rayek's attack on the humans, then dive into Reef's encounter with Winnowill, Korafay's floating ability, the origins of the "Scary Ones," the role of both Cutter's key and Two-Edge in the next Quest--and like the issue, much, much more. Click through to listen.

Listen to Episode 26 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Issue #15 of The Final Quest is packed with movement and action, and Ryan and David discuss it all in episode 25 of the ElfQuest Show podcast. Cutter's heart circle's meeting of the Scary Ones, insights into Dre-ahn's unique magic, Moonshade's doubt, Spray and Salt's choice, the symbolism of Cutter's new clothing, the Palace as a weapon, Ekuar and Two-Edge joining forces, Daboi's redemption and a some surprise reappearances are all explored. Plus, some special music from Slammerkin.

Listen to Special Episode of the ElfQuest Show Podcast from San Diego Comic-Con

The ElfQuest Show podcast host David Mizejewski got to hang with Wendy and Richard Pini at the Dark Horse Comics party at San Diego Comic-Con International and they recorded a special episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast. Click through to listen and hear thoughts on Wendy and Richard's long history with Comic-Con as well as special insights into the Wavedancers, the Scary Ones, Final Quest and more.

Listen to Episode 24 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

The new episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast is here. Ryan and David let their imaginations run wild trying to guess what the Scary Ones actually are, and what they mean to do with Cutter. That, and much more. Click through to listen to the episode.

Listen to Episode 23 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Listen to the new episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast. They guys talk all about issue #13 of the Final Quest, including Rayek and Winnowill's mutual manipulation, Venka's wound, Reef's reaction to Winnowill, Cutter's madness, Nightfall's hug, Oddbit's facelift, Sunstream and Korafay's discussion about leaving the World of Two Moons, some interesting thoughts about Dreamtime, and much, much more.

Listen to Episode 18 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Episode 18 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast is live and ready for your listening pleasure.  David and Ryan tackle issue #9 of the Final Quest. Is this the end of the Go-Back tribe as we know it? Venka and company make their way through the troll tunnels with Two-Edge leading the way. What will they discover in the Holt? Moonshade and Strongbow finally separate – but who gets the tree den and custody of the kids? Meanwhile Sunstream might just be the World of Two Moons version of Bill Gates, and Cutter and Skywise literally become ‘high’ ones as they partake of the delights of dreamberries!

The ElfQuest Show Podcast Celebrates One Year

April 15th marks the one-year anniversary of the debut of the ElfQuest Show podcast. The show is the internet’s only podcast series dedicated exclusively to ElfQuest (in fact, it’s one of the only podcasts focused on a specific comic series, period). Hosted by ElfQuest über-geeks Ryan Browne and David Mizejewski, each episode dives deep into the world of Cutter and the Wolfriders, with a focus on The Final Quest. In its first twelve months, the show has gotten over 12,500 listens. 

Listen to Episode 17 of The ElfQuest Show Podcast

There’s a new episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast ready for your listening pleasure. This time hosts Ryan Browne and David Mizejewski plunge into the exciting events of issue #8 of the Final Quest. What will be the repercussions of Shenshen’s decision? Are Korafay and Reef lovemates? Will Strongbow and Moonshade really separate? Is Rayek being melodramatic? Go-Back orgies! And of course, who are the new mystery elves revealed in that gorgeous two-page spread? All are discussed in geeky detail in episode 17 of the podcast.