Shape-changer & last of the Firstcomers

The last known survivor among the firstcomers to the World of Two Moons, Timmain’s immense longevity is attributable to her singular willingness to adapt to the world’s own nature. A powerful shape-changer, many thousands of years old, she is mother of the half-wolf, Timmorn, and thereby a distant ancestor to all Wolfriders. Though beautiful in all her forms, she is yet distant and unquestionably alien.

When the firstcomers came to The World of Two Moons, the accident that forced their vessel into the world’s distant past, and into the deadly hands of primitive humans, left Timmain and her people unprepared. Their powers flowed weakly in this new, primal world.

Timmain became leader and protector to her kind. Eventually she remastered enough of her abilities to tap into the world’s own native forces, to help provide for the tribe.

As centuries passed and the world’s climate cooled, Timmain sought the aid of those who first taught her how to hunt: wolves. Changing her form to match theirs, she ran with the pack, spending more and more time with them and less with the elves. She ultimately mated with a true wolf, and the union resulted in the birth of Timmorn Yellow-Eyes, a son of both Abode and the Star Home.

Timmain subsequently disappeared for millenia, and returned to her true form only after the elves won the War for the Palace with King Guttlekraw’s trolls. Promptly ordering a perserver, Petalwing, to place her in wrapstuff, she used the Scroll of Colors, and the voice of Sunstream (whose tribal name was Suntop at the time), to explain to the gathered elves the truth of their origins.

Timmain returned to wolf-form after Rayek attacked the Go-Backs’ lodge. Soon reunited with her son’s descendents, the Wolfriders, Timmain became Skywise’s wolf companion for a brief period of time until Rayek commandeered the Palace (with Skywise inside it) and returned it to the far future. After the death of Warfrost, she became Cutter’s wolf friend.

After all were reunited, during the battle to recover the shattered Palace’s shards, Timmain returned to her elf form to do battle with Winnowill. The Palace restored, she remains now in her elfin form, teaching many of the Sun Folk and Skywise how to use its powers.

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