Herbalist and advisor

Toorah is an ancient Sun Villager. After many centuries of friendship in the placid oasis village, she Recognized Sun-Toucher and together they raised two beautiful (if very different) daughters, Leetah and Shenshen.

Poised and calm, Toorah was the only healer in the Sun Village before the birth of Leetah. Unlike her daughter, she has no magical healing powers, but is a skilled herbalist and salve-maker.

Though both of her children are well grown into elfin adulthood, she will always be there to provide motherly thoughtfulness and care when needed. She prefers to guide her daughters gently rather than forcefully, exercising her protective bent and passing on her wisdom with subtle remarks rather than direct opinions.

After the Sun Village was attacked by humans and abandoned, Toorah joined the rest of the Sun Folk in the Palace of the High Ones where she is learning the mysteries of the Firstcomers.

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