Elder, advisor, warrior, and smith

A gruff, no-nonsense tribal elder, Treestump often serves as chief when Cutter is absent. Though his calm acceptance of The Way lends him a certain forgetfulness, more than a thousand years of life has filled Treestump with a calm well of wisdom. Good-humored yet occasionally grumpy, he is something of a father figure to the entire tribe.

He received his name when Bearclaw watched his friend stand like an “ol’ tree stump” during a troll ambush. The strongest wolfrider, Treestump’s thickly muscled frame hides a vulnerable side, too—especially when it comes to protecting his tribe and the memories that do stay with him.

Treestump was consumed by grief when his Recognized mate, Rillfisher, was killed by a falling branch, leaving him to raise their young daughter, Dewshine. This loss made Treestump even more fiercely protective; he finds it hard to wait when those he loves are in danger. Years later, Clearbrook, another tribal elder and one who understands a lifemate’s loss, gradually came to fill the space in Treestump’s life left by Rillfisher’s death. It took time, patience and healing-and the release of One-Eye’s spirit-to leave the way open for this second lifemating.  Since then, the two elders have been inseparable for centuries.

While he is the eldest male Wolfrider, the others do not see Treestump as “over-the-hill.” Like a good whiskey, his character only deepens with age. He isn’t without a comical side, and is willing to take as much teasing as he dishes out.

When the Wolfriders returned to the Father Tree Holt, they were without trolls to forge brightmetal. With Clearbrook’s help, and some tutoring from Two-Edge, Treestump is has mastered the art of forging and blacksmithing in the caverns formerly occupied by Greymung’s Trolls.

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