Get the ElfQuest 2019 Fan Art Calendar

The ElfQuest 2019 Fan Art Calendar is here! Featuring thirteen fan-created illustrations–one for each month, plus the cover–the theme this year is “Bonded.” The rambunctious trio of Krim, Pike and Skot. Aroree and her giant bond-bird, Littletrill. Chot’s relationship with himself. These are just three of the fabulous artworks looking at the varied and intimate bonds found in ElfQuest, all created by dedicated fans from the EQ Fan Art forums. Due to our merch partner no longer producing calendars, order them directly from us via PayPal.

How Elfquest made me a better man

Lisa Murakami posted a letter to the Elfquest Facebook Page about sharing Elfquest with her 7-year-old son. Male role-models in media are still grossly lacking (or just gross), and Elfquest’s men make more sense to her.
… he LOVES [the books] just as much as I did. And one thing I’ve noticed about them is that they offer more multi-dimensional male characters than anything else I’m aware of for little boys, even now. Cutter is able to empathize and to be sad, along with being tough and manly.

Cutter-ing the pumpkin

From Erika Thomas: “It’s that time of year again… the last page of the new Final Quest provided me with some fantastic inspiration! Thanks Wendy and Richard, nothing puts me in a more artistic mood than ElfQuest! Happy HOWL-oween!”

Bearclaw Wolf Necklace

A two-inch wolf-head pendant modeled on that worn by the tenth chief of the Wolfriders! It comes with a 24″ chain with a small lobster clasp. The back of the pendant is hollow, and it has an antique silver finish. Best of all, it’s just $16 from We Love Fine.

We interrupt this page to bring you the following important announcements

1) Starting right about now, and going through Sunday evening, Elfmom and Elfpop are going to be busier than Picknose finding an unlocked back door to Fort Knox. Between our talk tomorrow at Columbia University (see the post just prior to this one) and four days of New York Comic-Con through the weekend, we have no idea when we’ll have time to post here. We’ll do what we can, but be patient. 2) Speaking of being patient, you’ve no doubt noticed something’s going on with

Elfquest’s schedule at New York ComicCon

We don’t have our own space at NYCC, so our only signing appearances will be at the Dark Horse booth (#1636). They’ve given us a time slot every day of the show, so no matter when you attend, you can find us. Here goes:

Wendy and Richard at Columbia University in October

From Karen Green: “Comics@Columbia is delighted to welcome Wendy and Richard Pini, creators of the long-running comic, ElfQuest, to speak about the unique place their work has in comics history. Karen Green Columbia’s Graphic Novels Librarian, will join them to talk about the significance of Columbia University Libraries’ acquisition of the Pinis’s papers. Sabrina Sondhi, of Columbia’s Law Library, will moderate. This event is free and open to the public, although seating is limited. The new story, “Final Quest,” which also debuts October 9th, will be available for sale and signing.

Would still choose “rich” but “famous” helps

So a few weeks ago I arranged to have a parcel shipped to me, overnight, via UPS. Warp Graphics has an account with them, and I used the most expensive of the next-day options, because I wanted this package in hand no later than the 10:30 am guaranteed delivery time. I began waiting in the driveway about quarter after ten. Ten-thirty came and went. I began to fume, something I do well. Finally, close to eleven, the driver showed up, handed me the package, did the little trick with her hand-held scanner, and drove off.

Test post

Just a test. This’ll vanish real quickly! Like it while ya can.