Pronunciation: AHH-dree (rhymes with RAH-see)

Granddaughter of Tekshu
Great great granddaughter of Alekah
Student and great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Savah
Lovemate of Windkin and Two-Edge

Ahdri is a Sun Villager who spent much of her life serving as Savah’s handmaiden. After Rayek brought the Palace of the High Ones to the village, many of the Sun Folk felt a spark of magic within. Ahdri was among them, and her rock-shaping ability first manifested while working alone near the Little Palace, which though only a tiny replica, still fed the elves’ magic just as the full sized Palace did. She used her power to shape defensive spikes all around the mountains surrounding Sorrow’s End, first to repel hostile Go-Backs and later, to hide the village from human explorers.

Ultimately the humans did discover the village, and overran it. Ahdri helped her people to escape by tunneling underground into the rock. During the human invasion, she sacrificed herself to protect the Sun Folk by fleeing with the Little Palace to the Bridge of Destiny. She took an arrow through the chest before dissolving the Bridge of Destiny and killing her pursuers while the rest of her people fled underground. Fortunately, Ahdri was cocooned by a Preserver before death claimed her. Though in suspended animation in wrapstuff, her spirit remained active, tapping into the very rock, protecting the ruins of the village from further intrusion.

Her cocoon was discovered by a band of treasure-seeking trolls and used her to unearth gems and precious metals from the rock. They eventually ended up in the ancient troll caverns under the Wolfrider’s Holt. Treestump and Clearbrook rescued Ahdri and she was healed by Leetah in the Palace. She was reunited with her long-lost wandering lovemate Windkin and together they joined the Wolfrider elders underground, where Ahdri used her rock-shaping ability to block the trolls from reaching the elves’ underground forge where Treestump makes metal weapons and tools.

When Picknose returned and took the trolls under his command, Ahdri was free to join the elves in the Palace of the High Ones, where she now dwells, learning the ways of the Firstcomers. Unlike the rest of the Palace Dwellers, Ahdri, sometimes leaves the safety of the Palace to go on adventures with the Wolfriders, and has even struck up a dalliance with Two-Edge.