Punctuation: KLEER-brook (rhymes with NEAR-book)

Lifemate of One-Eye and later, Treestump
Mother of Scouter
Grandmother of Pool
Wolf Friends – Whitebrow, Mosspelt, Clicktooth

Clearbrook is the eldest female Wolfrider, and as her name suggests, she’s calm, dignified and thoughtful, choosing her words carefully and fairly.  She grew up a close friend of the equally wise Joyleaf and now, as an experienced  elder, her quiet advice is valued by her tribemates.

Clearbrook’s serenity, however, has been hard-won. Earlier in life she lost a daughter, and later her lifemate One-Eye was felled by trolls, which sent her on a berserker revenge mission against his killers. Luckily, with the support of her tribe and her son Scouter, she pulled through that dark time and eventually learned the release of forgiveness. She’s come to know love again with fellow elder Treestump, a love so strong that she even followed him to a life underground in his quest to discover the secrets of the forge.

For all of her loving wisdom and naturally calm ways, Clearbrook is a fierce warrior when that is called for. But like most Wolfriders, in her heart she craves the green beauty of the forest and a simple life of hunting and howling with the wolfpack and her tribe.