Pronunciation: KRESS-sent (rhymes with dress went)

Daughter of Strongbow and Moonshade
Sister of Dart and Freetouch
Granddaughter of Trueflight
Wolf Friends — Windchaser

Crescent was a young Wolfrider in Bearclaw‘s tribe.  Like her father and grandmother before her, Crescent showed promise as an archer. Her life was cut short by Gotara-worshipping humans, who ambushed her while she was spear-fishing alone beyond the borders of the Holt. Her murder was in part retaliation for Bearclaw’s tricks and pranks against the human tribe. Bearclaw, driven nearly to madness, took revenge by killing the human’s beloved Shaman. This escalated the already enmity-filled feud with the Shaman’s protege, Spirit Man, as much as Crescent’s killing solidified Strongbow’s hatred and fear of humans.

Crescent’s spirit has manifested in the Palace of the High Ones to commune with her parents.