Pronunciation: DARR-shekk (rhymes with star trek … fascinating)

Son of Longfin and Pirn
Brother of Sandsparkle
Lovemate of Krill

Darshek has a penchant for danger and a love of adventure, which makes him something of an anomaly amongst the timid and fearful Wavedancers. He is inquisitive and not at all above poking where others wouldn’t dare, but his impulsive curiosity sometimes lacks the common sense to keep him out of trouble. Somehow or other, however, Darshek always finds a way out of his predicaments.

He loves attention–some might even say he is a touch vain–and has a wicked sense of humor and mischief. In spite of his flippant attitude toward life, Darshek does have a serious side and doesn’t see the world in black and white, even when it comes to the humans who nearly killed him. In the end, Darshek is intelligent, brave and fiercely loyal.