Pronunciation: DYEW-shyne (rhymes with FEW-dine)
Soul Name – Lree (rhymes with tree, spoken “L’ree” not “Luh-ree”)

Daughter of Rillfisher and Treestump
Recognized mate of Tyldak
Lifemate of Scouter and Tyleet
Mother of Windkin and Pool
Grandmother of Teir
Cousin of Cutter
Wolf Friends – Trollhammer, Smoketreader, Squirrelbane, Longshanks, Moledigger

Dewshine, swift and graceful as a deer, is the most agile and free-spirited of the Wolfriders. She has a beautiful voice, full of melody and laughter. Song and dance are passions with her and she has a talent for mimicking birdsong. Dewshine trained with Pike in the art of storytelling.

As youngsters and age-mates, she and Scouter became lovemates, but Dewshine came to Recognition unexpectedly within Blue Mountain with the shape-changed Glider, Tyldak. Their interactions were spied upon by Winnowill, who learned Dewshine’s soul name and put it mercilessly to use in controlling her, making an already difficult Recognition even more complicated. Eventually Dewshine and Tyldak accepted and fulfilled the demands of Recognition, and the Wolfriders ultimately returned to the woods. Scouter adopted the resulting child, Windkin, as his own. When most of the Wolfriders left on a quest to investigate the source of a mysterious psychic cry, Dewshine and Scouter remained to raise Windkin in peace.

Millenia later, when Dewshine and Scouter rejoined the Wolfrider tribe, it was Dewshine’s turn to watch her lovemate find his own Recognition with Tyleet. Dewshine, having tasted the joys of Recognition herself, felt nothing but happiness for the pair and and was eager to establish a loving three-mating. All voluntarily exchanged soul names — a significant step considering Dewshine’s experience with Winnowill — cementing the bond. The threesome raised their son Pool into happy adulthood and are now part of Chieftess Ember’s Wolfriders.