Pronunciation: DRAY-on (rhymes with crayon)

Dre-ahn is a mysterious, lone elf who answered Sunstream‘s Great Call inviting all the elves on the World of Two Moons to return to the Palace of the High Ones. He traveled long and far on the back of his thick-hoofed nohump and eventually arrived at the Palace at its hiding place atop the ruins of Blue Mountain.

Though he doesn’t speak or send, Dre-ahn sometimes communicates through singing. His is a special kind of magic. The vibrations of his song can bring a sense of peace harmony to even to natural enemies. He used this skill to assist the many elfin pilgrims traveling to the Palace in answer to the Great Call, guiding and protecting the weary travelers on the last leg of the journey.

Dre-ahn was among those elves who chose to stay on the World of Two Moons when the Palace departed for the Starhome. Though he visits with the Wolfriders and other tribes, he remains a loner and an enigma. As far as elves go, he is taller and brawnier than most; whether or not those characteristics are clues to his origin, remains to be seen