Pronunciation: DRUBB (rhymes with scrub)

Descendent of Picknose and Oddbit
Sister of Flam

Drub had the timid disposition and manners of any other troll maiden until she met the Go-Back chieftess Kahvi. From that day, Drub realized a female troll could do anything that a male troll could. Drub and her brother Flam realized there was profit (and adventure) to be had by joining a quest with the Wolfriders — in this case, recovering the shards of the Palace of the High Ones from the human warlord Grohmul Djun. She chose to team up with Cutter because he “gets in the deepest dung and always comes up with gold.”

To her, battle is just work to be done, and she likes to get on with it. Unsurprisingly, Drub eventually forged her own kingdom in this (to her) new, unexplored land.