Pronunciation: ECK-wahr (rhymes with PECK-star)

Teacher and mentor of Rayek
Friend of Mekda and Osek

Ekuar is an ancient elf whose cheerful and eccentric personality belies a painful history of torture and captivity. A rock shaper, Ekuar was captured as a youth by the Frozen Mountain trolls and spent countless centuries enslaved by his harsh masters. His spirit and body were chipped away by the brutal treatment at their hands. Frequently tortured, Ekuar lost an arm, a finger, and a leg below the knee, and now walks with the aid of a wooden leg and a staff.

Rayek eventually found Ekuar in the bowels of Greymung‘s caverns, barely aware, muttering to himself. Rayek restored Ekuar’s strength; in return, Ekuar helped Rayek expand his magical powers. A bond formed between teacher and student which was more like father and son.

When Rayek stole the Palace of the High Ones, Ekuar was kisnapped thousands of years into the future. It was a terrible, selfish theft, but Ekuar’s unwavering love for his student eventually helped bring Rayek around to understand the many hurts he had caused.

Years later, with Rayek having made himself the waking, walking prison for Winnowill‘s restless, dark spirit, Ekuar accompanied him on his journey. For decades, they wandered the World of Two Moons, Ekuar’s friendship the one bright spark in Rayek’s life.

They were reunited with the other elves when the Great Call of the Palace was sent out. Unable to let Winnowill’s spirit loose upon the world, Rayek could not reside in the Palace. Ever loyal, Ekuar accompanied his friend to the Forbidden Grove and whatever adventures await the pair.