Pronunciation: EMM-berr (rhymes with FEM-her)
Soul Name – Zheel (rhymes with feel, “zh” sound as in “vision”)

Daughter of Cutter and Leetah
Sister of Sunstream, Goldruff, and Shuna (adoptive)
Granddaughter of Bearclaw, Joyleaf, Toorah, and Sun-Toucher
Aunt of Korafay
Lifemate of Teir
Wolf Friends – Choplicker, Patch

Ember is the twelfth Wolfrider chief. Named for her fiery spirit as much as for her flame-red hair, Ember was destined from birth to be a leader. As a chief’s child she enjoyed the support and attention of her entire tribe. Growing up without want bolstered her self-confidence, but it also caused her to take her destiny as chief for granted. As a young child, Ember was bossy yet unfailingly brave. In her teens, she didn’t always see eye-to-eye with her chief-father Cutter, but she quickly learned adult responsibility when circumstance — the realization that the Wolfriders were increasingly vulnerable to a growing human population — impelled her chief-father to break with tradition and thrust chieftainship upon her while he still lived. She is now leader of half of the tribe that split off to ensure that no matter how much the world might change, at least some Wolfriders and their Way will survive. As chieftess, Ember is tasked with protecting that legacy.

It’s a heavy burden. Ember sometimes suffers self-doubt and then it takes every bit of her strong-willed determination to protect her tribe from both external forces and internal challenges. Yet she understands Cutter’s reason for dividing the tribe and she resolves to lead her branch of the Wolfriders according to “the Way.” She’s chosen not seek out the magic of the Palace to rescue her from every danger, even though she can call on her twin brother Sunstream to deliver it in a flash. While she respects her history, she’s no slave to tradition and old beliefs, befriending humans and trolls alike when necessary to protect her people.