Pronunciation: (rhymes with SEE much)

Daughter of Strongbow and Moonshade
Sister of Crescent and Dart
Granddaughter of Trueflight
Wolf Friends – Tuft

Freetouch is a carefree young Wolfrider. Her life’s motto is “good enough” and she generally likes to keep things light. This is somewhat dismaying to her more serious and tradition-oriented parents, Strongbow and Moonshade, but they adore her nonetheless, as does her big brother Dart.

Her childhood tribe name was Chitter, a reflection of her tendency to be a hyperactive chatterbox. The irony that taciturn Strongbow and stealthy Moonshade gave birth to an exuberantly loud cub is not lost on their amused tribemates. Her adult tribe name Freetouch reflects her ease and joy at embracing new things with an open mind and heart, whether it be new lovemates or new adventures.

Freetouch trained in the art of tanning leather and the making of functional yet practical clothing with her mother. While she might not have Moonshade’s attention to detail, she takes great pleasure in clothing-making as a creative outlet.