Pronunciation: JETH-ell (rhymes with BETH-dell)

Jethel was full of excitement when he went on his “first quest” with Suntop and others to rescue Windkin in the sprawling Forevergreen forest on the continent of Sunholt. Impatient to leave, eager to show everyone how good a fighter he was, Jethel was constantly trying to shake his image of a mere cub. Though he yearned to get the attention due an adult, he was still a sensitive child no matter how hard he tried.

While on the rescue mission, Jethel did not get along well with the human Ahn-Lai. After the Forevergreen fire, Ahn-Lai captured Jethel and used him for his own ends. Jethel escaped and was given the name of ‘Fire-Eye’ by the humans of Passage. It is here that Jethel watches over the children of the city and protects the forest. He has established a Holt of sorts and protects a small band of children.