Pronunciation: (rhymes with slim, trim)

Lifemate of Pike and Skot
Mother of Cheipar and Sust

Krim is a Go-Back through and through. Always ready for combat or a wrestle in the furs, she can cut you down to size with her sword or her tongue. Her role-model was her former chieftess, Kahvi, whose memory she is ever-ready to defend. She isn’t the easiest nut to crack, but if you can make Krim laugh, you’ll have an easier time finding her soft side.

She and her fellow Go-Back, Skot, left with the Wolfriders after the war for the Palace. After settling in the Forbidden Grove, she and Skot formed a bond with the Wolfrider, Pike. The three of them became lifemates.

Krim gave birth to one male fawn, Cheipar, who did not survive infancy. She, Pike and Skot later had another son, Sust. When the Palace was restored, Krim and Pike reunited and found comfort in one others’ arms. They joined Ember and the Wild Hunt at Howling Rock, tracking down Winnowill’s magically-altered beasts.

When the mortally-ill and reformed elf-hunter, Lehrigen, approached the tribe, Krim was outraged to see Kahvi’s braids among his trophies, and had to be restrained from killing him on the spot. Facing the minions of Angrif Djun, however, the two stuck a deadly deal: if Lehrigen enabled her to get close enough for a shot at killing the Wolfriders’ sworn enemy, Krim would give Lehrigen the quick death he sought.

Hacking their way through the warlord’s guards, Krim gleefully castrated the Djun, but sustained fatal injuries. Lehrigen, himself bleeding out, assured Krim that Kahvi died “magnificently” and begged to see Krim’s eyes — at death’s door the two laughing together at the once-ruthless hunter’s mawkish dying request.

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