Old Maggoty

Pronunciation: MAGG-uh-tee (rhymes with BAG-o’-tea)

Grandmother of Oddbit
Grandmother-in-law of Picknose

Abode’s answer to Eleanor of Aquitaine, Old Maggoty’s hand has seemingly influenced every troll kingdom under the two moons. Most of her time, though, is spent complaining: complaining about her lot, about those pesky elves, and most of all, complaining about her ne’er-do-well grandson-in-law, King Picknose. But her life is not without pleasures, and no-one comes close to her mastery of herbal lore.

Caught stealing dreamberries countless moons ago by a young Bearclaw, Maggoty became the liaison for trading with the elves. She has never liked Wolfriders much, but she does respect their sense of family. When deals are struck between the tribes, you can be sure she will drive the hardest bargain.

She is no soft-hearted healer. The physical or emotional distress of her patients matters not to her, and may even elicit a joyful cackle. Old Maggoty is renowned for her recipe for dreamberry wine, a potent lavender distillation that can set even the strongest-stomached elf on his pointed ear.

Though Old Maggoty never thought much of Picknose, it was her indolent granddaughter, Oddbit, who turned out to be the greater disappointment. Despite becoming a queen of trolls, she has ever failed to live up to the old crone’s expectations.