TPronunciation: ODD-bitt (rhymes with MOD-flit)

Granddaugher of Old Maggoty
Wife of Picknose
Mother of Trinket

Oddbit embodies all trollish maidenly virtues: greed, deception, opportunism, coyness, vanity, and fickleness. She is the ultimate material girl, and adorned the footstools of both King Greymung and King Guttlekraw. She kept her paramour Picknose dangling for years, waiting for him to prove his worth by showering her with gold. When Picknose did become king of the Frozen Mountain trolls, she sensed that the ante was finally high enough and agreed to be his queen.

When Picknose lost his crown, she wavered in her affections. But Picknose would have none of that, and dragged her off. Oddbit regained a crown, however, when she and Picknose gathered their own group of trolls. With her persistent sweetheart by her side, she became the matriarch of an entire colony, where she has reigned for thousands of years.