Pronunciation: PIKK-noze (rhymes with QUICK-doze)

Husband of Oddbit
Father of Trinket
Grandson-in-law of Old Maggoty

Picknose has gone from slave to king to refugee and back again more often than any troll on Abode. His name was inspired by his most prominent facial feature, which resembles the “curved business end of a pick.” Picknose’s interactions with the Wolfriders have been a mixed bag. He helped trap the Wolfriders in the Burning Waste. On another occasion he tried to steal the key in the pommel of Cutter‘s sword. Later however the troll and his fellows threw in with the Wolfriders to help win the Elf-Troll War against King Guttlekraw‘s army, whereupon he became ruler of the combined troll groups.

Picknose’s up-and-down luck wasn’t done with him yet, and he subsequently lost his crown in a game of toss-stones. This left him without future prospects and almost without his beloved, Oddbit. But when he was taken to the New Land with Old Maggoty, Oddbit, and their daughter Trinket, he founded a new kingdom from his descendants. During the time that the Palace was stolen into the future by Rayek, Picknose safeguarded the cocoons of the sleeping Wolfriders.

Eventually Picknose journeyed back to the deserted caverns under the Wolfrider’s old Father Tree Holt. Following Oddbit’s lead, he allowed the elfin healer Mender to give him a magical “facelift” to remove the ravages of age so he could return to the look of his prime.