Pronunciation: SHENN-shenn (rhymes with THEN-then)

Daughter of Toorah and Sun-Toucher
Sister of Leetah
Aunt of Ember and Sunstream
Student of Old Maggoty

Shenshen is the bubbly and vivacious younger sibling of powerful healer Leetah. A flirt and a gossip, she nursed a rivalry with her sister and worked hard to establish her own midwifery skills. Ember, Sunstream, Mender and Tyleet are a few of the elves she helped bring into the world.

When Rayek stole the Palace of the High Ones away to the far future, Shenshen was left trapped in the forests of Djunsland with Cutter and his tribe. Over the following centuries, she studied herbs and medicine under the tutelage of the troll Old Maggoty and grew tougher and more self-sufficient. Though no longer a sheltered Sun Villager, she remains a flirtatious and frisky elf.

As she and the Wolfriders slept in suspended animation of Preserver cocoons awaiting the reappearance of the Palace of the High Ones, Shenshen wrestled with her jealous feelings and learned that she needed to “shine where you love.” Upon Leetah’s return, Shenshen was actually about two hundred years older than her sister and quite a bit more mature than when her “older” sister was kidnapped.

When the shattered Palace was restored after the Shards War, Shenshen settled in the original Father Tree Holt with the Wolfriders. There she delivered Strongbow and Moonshade‘s third child, Freetouch, as well as Cutter’s first grandchild, Shukopek, son of his adopted human daughter Shuna.

Yet as time passed, and with births few and far between among the elves, Shenshen began to feel increasingly unfulfilled. She made the shocking decision, with the help of Leetah’s Palace-enhanced powers, to shape-change her from into that of a human. In this way she might better walk among the fast-breeding humans alongside Shuna and shine where she loves by using her midwifery skills to bring new life into the world.

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