Pronunciation: SMELT (rhymes with GELT, BELT)

Consort of Winnowill
Father of Two-Edge

Smelt was a troll deployed by King Greymung to explore beyond the troll caverns and find elfin rock-shapers to enslave and put to work finding gems and precious metals. His search led him to Blue Mountain, which was indeed home to many powerful rock-shapers. Before he could fulfill his mission, Smelt was mortally wounded and discovered by the elfin healer, Winnowill, herself on a quest to discover the lost Palace of the High Ones.

In his wounded condition, Smelt reignited Winnowill’s healer’s heart, and she took the troll into the bowels of Blue Mountain, with the help of her lackey Door, to bring him back from the brink of death. However, she took her time, high on the rush of being needed by a living being, so unlike her immortal, eternally safe people, the Gliders.

Eventually, Smelt recovered but Winnowill had become addicted to fulfilling the needs of another living being. She seduced him and gave birth to a son who they named Two-Edge to reflect his unique elf-troll heritage. Smelt helped raise the boy, teaching him the art of stonecraft and the ways of trolls, building a subterranean stronghold for his elfin mistress with some rock-shaping help from Door.

Smelt eventually realized that he needed to fulfill his quest and attempted to abduct Door to make him a slave of King Greymung. Winnowill of course could not allow that to happen, to Smelt’s ruin.