Pronunciation: (rhymes with just)

Son of Pike, Skot and Krim
Brother of Cheipar

Sust is a Wolfrider of Go-Back heritage. Krim is his mother, but whether his actual sire is Pike or Skot hasn’t been revealed. To the Wolfriders, it doesn’t matter. He is the threesome’s second child, although he never met his brother Cheipar, who died in infancy long before Sust was born.

One thing is certain, Sust shares his mother’s battle-loving ways. Like both of his fathers, he has a carefree, joyous attitude toward life that sometimes lands him in trouble with Chieftess Ember for reckless behavior. His best friend and age-mate is Pool. They grew up together, alternately competing against each other and watching each other’s back. As a child, Sust developed a bond with Stubtail, an orphaned tuftcat adopted by the tribe, before bonding with his first wolf friend.

Like Pike, Sust’s preferred weapon is the spear and he has a special knack for chipping out flint spear tips.

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