Pronunciation: TAHL-muh (rhymes with doll huh)

Lifemate of Serrin and Dart
Father of Bowki

Talmah is a Sun Villager turned Palace dweller. His lifemate Serrin Recognized Dart during the Wolfrider’s long sleep, and he and Serrin welcomed Dart into their family. The three of them raised the child Bowki. Talmah took over sole fatherly duties when Dart returned to wrapstuff. In the thousands of years that passed before Dart again emerged from his long sleep, Talmah and Serrin continued to live their lives. Today, though they share a bond and history, they are no longer a family unit.

Like the rest of the Sun Folk, Talmah lives in the Palace of the High Ones, training with the firstcomer Timmain and rediscovering the history and powers of the High Ones.