Pronunciation: TRINN-kett (rhymes with SPIN-set)

Daughter of Picknose and Oddbit
Great granddaughter of Old Maggoty

Trinket is a troll maiden famous among the elves (and all trolldom) for her childhood antics and epic brattiness (even by troll standards). The dreamberry of her father’s eye, spoiled from birth by both parents, Trinket — an occasional princess, depending on her family’s changeable fortunes — knows how to get what she wants.

That’s not to say the cantankerous youngster is all bad. She did not inherit her ancestors’ disdain for elves. She considers Ekuar a second “papa” (much to Picknose’s dismay) and Mender a perfectly eligible candidate mate. Young Trinket and Ember were often seen trading insults. As she has matured, she has become very slightly more mellow.

As shrewd as her mother Oddbit in manipulating Picknose, Trinket continues to dress like a child even in adulthood, fortifying her position of princess-who-deserves-everything in her dad’s eyes.