Pronunciation: TOO-edj (rhymes with YOU-hedge)

Son of Winnowill and Smelt
Devotee and traveling companion of Venka
Lovemate of Ahdri

Born in Blue Mountain to an elfin mother and troll father, Two-Edge is unique even by elf and troll standards. Two-Edge’s young mind was abused and split in two by his mother Winnowill, when the youth threatened to expose her wicked activities to Lord Voll. Seeing Winnowill kill his father didn’t help his psyche either. Somehow, Two-Edge escaped his “home” but could not escape his mother’s influence.

He and Winnowill played cruel psychological jests on one another for centuries. In an attempt to solve his identity crisis, Two-Edge crafted the ultimate game — he engineered a war between elves and trolls for possession of the Palace the High Ones. He reasoned that whichever side won, that would determine how he saw himself. His scheme, however, did not go according to plan; the Wolfrider elves and the enslaved forest trolls joined forces to fight and defeat the northern troll army of King Guttlekraw. Two-Edge was more confused than ever; left without resolution and severely physically injured.

His history as an ingenious master smith and inventor led Two-Edge to become the human warlord Grohmul Djun‘s “Master Builder”. His desperate love/hate relationship with his mother fueled his inner struggle between helping and hindering the Wolfriders on many occasions. After the Djun beheaded his mother, Two-Edge became besotted with his “gentle maiden” Venka and his affection for her seemed to give him some purpose in life beyond the games he had played for centuries.

After the Djun’s War, Two-Edge helped the Go-Backs resettle their ancestral home in the Frozen Mountains, and he lived beneath their lodge for decades. He helped Venka answer the call of the Palace during the Final Quest, and ultimately remained with the Go-Backs when he learned of Venka’s plan to live in the Palace and possibly return to the stars. Two-Edge is now mentor to Treestump in the art of metal-smithing, and exploring the pleasures of a lovemating with Ahdri.