Pronunciation: TILL-dack (rhymes with BILL-lack)

Recognized of Dewshine
Lovemate of Kahvi
Father of Windkin

Tyldak was a Glider who had been given the gift of wings. Obsessed with being able to fly rather than passively glide, he begged Winnowill to flesh-shape his body to let him soar and set his own path with the birds. When Lord Voll learned that Tyldak had Recognized Dewshine but wished to have no part in creating a new life, the Lord of the Gliders begged Tyldak to reconsider. He fathered a child, Windkin, but had little contact with him at first.

After spending many years together in Thorny Mountain Holt, Tyldak became Kahvi’s constant companion. Intensely devoted to her, Tyldak felt that he must protect Kahvi from herself. Although he often tried to dissuade Kahvi’s schemes, Tyldak supported her in all she wished to do. He aided her in a failed attempt to steal the small replica of the Palace of the High Ones from the Sun Village, during which he came face to face once again with Windkin. However, he stopped short of helping her steal the Egg of Six Spheres from Aurek.

For years afterward, Tyldak and Kahvi traveled together exploring their world, caring for each other, until one day Tyldak was mortally wounded by human hunters. Unable to heal her devoted lovemate, at his wish Kahvi ended his life for him.