Pronunciation: VIE-uh (rhymes with Maya)

Daughter of Kahvi
Half-sister of Venka and Teir

Daughter of fierce Go-Back chieftess Kahvi, Vaya had big expectations to live up to. Kahvi pushed her, sometimes harshly, to be a hardened fighter, and Vaya tried valiantly to prove herself to her mother. Ultimately, she became not only a brave warrior but also learned a valuable lesson: the only person she needed to prove herself to was herself, and it was not a weakness to admit when she was afraid.

She shared a “dance” — a Go-Back pre-war celebration of life — with Pike the night before the combined Go-Back and Wolfrider offensive against King Guttlekraw‘s trolls to reclaim the Palace of the High Ones. During battle, she experienced a moment of fear, but it soon passed. With Pike at her side she rejoined the fight and proved she was made of stronger stuff than her mother ever publicly gave her credit for. Her bravado in battle led to a grisly end, but she stood up to Guttlekraw himself. Thanks to the machinations of Two-Edge, her death was not in vain.