Pronunciation: ONN-lie (rhymes with NON-sky)

Ahn-Lai, a human, befriended the elf Windkin and followed him like a puppy. In desperation, Ahn-Lai begged Windkin to help him flee his home city, its human ruler Aramak, and its “religious leader,” the Glider Door. Ahn-Lai’s hero-worship did not extend to all elves, however; he and Jethel were perpetually at odds. After the Forevergreen fire, Ahn-Lai took Jethel prisoner.

Later in life, Ahn-Lai was declared the leader of the port town of Passage. He changed his name to Ahnn-Li and tried to make Passage a world power by excavating a canal across the Forevergreen, a huge woodland at the center of the continent of Sunholt. Jethel thwarted these plans again and again. Ahnn-Li died, ignominiously, when he slipped on a bottle and fell from his balcony — but Cam Triompe has been falsely accused of his murder.