Angrif Djun

Pronunciation: ONN-griff JUNN (rhymes with don stiff gun)

Son of Grohmul Djun
Brother of Gifa
Father of Lodok and Rathol

Ruthless, cold hearted and dominating, Angrif would have made his father proud, if he hadn’t killed him first. At a young age, he proved his mettle by killing his sister, Gifa, who had been sent to find Ember and her Wolfriders at Howling Rock. He used both murders to his advantage, weaving lies around each of them.

Angrif swore to destroy all elves and capture the healer, Mender. He employed the elf hunter, Lehrigen to track his quarry down. Betrayed by Angrif’s men, however, Lehrigen joined forces with their mutual enemy, the elves, and stymied his plans.

Years later, Angrif continued his quest for dominance. Convincing the Longrider humans that he meant to help rid themselves of “the mountain demons,” he led an attack on their city near Ember‘s Wolfriders’ Holt, enslaving those he could use and killing all those, including children, he didn’t need. During his raid on the Longrider village, Angrif was severely wounded by Krim. Ember ordered the Wolfriders to retreat from the Djun’s troops and surrendered to his guards to protect her tribe.

Angrif did not live to see his plans come to fruition. After a decade of suffering, during which he poured all of his resources into building a massive war fleet and an arsenal of guns to destroy the elves, he succumbed to the wound inflected by Krim. His skull was hung on the lead warship, and his vendetta carried on by his Commander of Sea and War.