Pronunciation: AIR-uh-mack (rhymes with HAIR-attack)

Aramak was the leader of the Hungtsho human tribe in the Forevergreen forest. Aramak was cruel and did not hesitate to maim and kill his subjects, considering them little more than offerings to be used. Aramak had a love-hate relationship with the elves. Desperately wanting to be like them, this became an overriding obsession to the point of self-mutilation. Preoccupied by his fear of death, envying the elves because they lived so much longer than humans, he found himself tormented simply by being around them. When the captured/deified Glider Door awoke from his long lethargy (after the fall of Blue Mountain), he declared he would no longer be a slave to Aramak’s people. He, Door, would be the object of worship now, and the humans should kill Aramak. Door abandoned Aramak to his rioting subjects; barely escaping the mob, the ex-leader was finally killed by Pei-Lar.