Pronunciation: uh-ROAR-ree (rhymes with a-SOAR-me)

Lovemate of Skywise and Windkin

Aroree was a Glider one of the Chosen Eight, the Gliders’ hunters and providers. Alone among her people, Aroree’s eyes were opened to a wider world by her encounter with the Wolfriders — especially the stargazer, Skywise. She saw in him a spark that she realized was missing from her life, and she wished to learn more. But their brief relationship was cut short when Lord Voll usurped Cutter‘s quest and was killed. Aroree, distraught, abandoned the Wolfriders to carry Voll’s body back to Blue Mountain.

Later sent by Winnowill to recover Preservers from the Forbidden Grove, Aroree inadvertently strayed into the Wolfriders’ territory. Brought into their Holt by Skywise, she gave in to an irrational impulse and kidnapped Windkin. Presenting the infant to Winnowill as her own replacement, Aroree hoped to buy her freedom. Kureel attempted to detain her; Aroree gutted him to make her escape.

Aroree later sought to return to Skywise, her only friend and comfort in the world. She found the Wolfriders at their new Thorny Mountain Holt, and learned that Rayek had whisked Skywise and others into the distant future. She chose to remain with the Wolfriders, waiting out the centuries and finally entering the suspended animation of a preserver cocoon with the rest of the tribe. Ultimately reunited with her “little love” Skywise, the two spent several years of peace before being separated again during the war for the Palace’s shards.

After the Palace’s reconstruction, she accompanied Venka on a search to find Kahvi, hoping to learn the fates of Door and Tyldak, the last of her Blue Mountain kindred. She lived for a while with the Go-Backs, who revered her as an elder, serving as a scout under Venka’s leadership, and struck up a dalliance with Windkin.

Aroree eventually followed the Go-Backs in answer to Sunstream‘s call to return to the Palace. She spent several years living in Wolfriders Father Tree Holt but ultimately chose to become one of the New High Ones who left the World of Two Moons and returned to the Star Home.

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