Pronunciation: (rhymes with frill)

Twin sister of Krill
Lifemate of Sunstream
Mother of Korafay

Brill is a gentle nurturer, wishful and sensitive. She cares deeply for those she loves, and has a thirst for life beyond her timid appearance. She desperately wanted Recognition in order to have a child of her own, and was devastated when her lovemate Skimback Recognized Sandsparkle. Nevertheless, in time she came to terms with their relationship and found peace within herself.

Brill later found happiness and joy in her own Recognition to Sunstream, despite his being far away and cocooned in the suspended animation of wrapstuff. Their ethereal spirits were drawn to each other, perhaps because they both have twin siblings, and Recognition struck as their spirits danced in the astral plane. Her greatest desire fulfilled, Brill became a mother. Their daughter, Korafay, is a young floater whose other powers (if any) are yet to be seen.

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