Cam Triompe

Pronunciation: KAMM TREE-ohmp (rhymes with SCAM FREE-home)

Cam Triompe is a legendary explorer of the World of Two Moons in its “medieval” period. Though he’d taken the trouble to learn the elves’ language, he wasn’t nearly as fluent as he thought himself to be. Cam met up with Dart and his band on the edge of the Forevergreen. Cam was from the continent of Hearthstone and wanted to create a profitable trade route across the planet to Junsland — the Djun’s kingdom. He spent his life searching for a way around the intervening continent of Sunholt, vowing he would find the route and name it Cam’s Passage. (He succeeded.) He became a pawn in Ahn-Lai‘s plan to rule Sunholt, and has been falsely accused on his murder.

Centuries later, Cam Triompe was Scorch Chirell‘s idol. Scorch, one of the Rebels, considered him a chivalrous pirate and wanted to be just like him.