Chandra Davenkee

Pronunciation: CHONN-druh DAH-venn-kee (rhymes with DON-huh HAVE-ten-see)

Chandra Davenkee grew up as a colonist on a moon called Ice in the outer reaches of Abode’s (the human name for the World of Two Moons) solar system. Having the colonial mindset towards the home planet Abode and its Skyward military — that is, they aren’t to be trusted — she briefly transferred that dislike to Cosmo when she discovered his identity as a Skyward cadet. Over time, Cosmo earned her trust, and she grew to accept his leadership and, more importantly, his friendship. Chandra’s approach to engineering is academic — she knows her theory inside and out — but she is also handy with a wrench. She has strong sense of right and wrong, and a powerful do-it-yourself attitude. Chandra has begun to develop mysterious psychic powers that she does not yet fully understand.

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