Pronunciation: DAH-boy (rhymes with yeah toy)

Daboi was a child of the human Longrider tribe who was rescued by Khorbasi when Angrif Djun betrayed his people and decimated their village.

Growing into adulthood among chieftess Ember‘s Wolfriders, he ultimately chose to return to life among humans to pursue his dream of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a surgeon to his own race. However, his fate took a turn for the worse when he was enslaved by the late Angrif’s Djun’s Commander of Sea and War to serve as ship’s medic, and was there tortured to reveal the secret sanctuary of the elves. He was rescued from that fate by the Wavedancers and used his skills to heal a mortally wounded Rayek, who returned the favor by saving Daboi from drowning and bringing him to Father Tree Holt.

He now lives among the Insect Tribes of Iceholt, where he uses his medical knowledge to treat illnesses and assist Shenshen in her midwifery.