Pronunciation: GOOD-tree (rhymes with wood free)

Goodtree, daughter of Tanner and Stormlight, was the Wolfriders’ eighth chief.

A sensitive, moody child, she was so attuned to green, growing things that she actually wanted to be a tree. From this love sprang Goodtree’s lasting legacy to her tribe: the vision and subsequent creation of Goodtree’s Rest, a living home for the Wolfriders formed from the roots and boughs of the enormous Father Tree.

At the time of her father’s death, Goodtree had yet to find her soul name and refused the chief’s lock. Embarking on a Spirit Quest, Goodtree not only found herself, but also her magical potential as well as the forest stand of timber that would become The Holt.

She took two lovemates, Acorn and Lionleaper, finding gentleness in one and strength in the other. The hard-won equilibrium was upset, however, when Goodtree Recognized the latter. Torn between her desire not to hurt Acorn and the insistence of Recognition, she fought the inevitable–as did Lionleaper–leaving it to Acorn himself to persuade the two to join and complete the union.


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