Pronunciation: HARR-oh-teem (rhymes with STAR-oh-gleam)

Son of Dodia and Ekolin

Harotim is a young elf, among the first to be born in the Palace of the High Ones after its restoration following the Shards War.

Having lived his entire life in the magical, crystalline structure, Harotim’s inherited abilities have gravitated to and focused on crystals. He is the Palace’s most accomplished crystal-shaper, helping not only to sculpt the Palace’s ever-changing structure but also to fashion the decorative crystals worn by the elves.

Though he is of both Sun Folk and Glider heritage, Harotim is perhaps the first elf to culturally identify as one of the Palace-dwelling “Star Folk” from birth, rather than with any of the tribes of the World of Two Moons.

He was among the New High Ones who traveled back to the Star Home.