Pronunciation: IKK-oh-peck (rhymes with pick no speck)

Husband of Shuna; father of Shukopek

A dependable provider, peaceful unless provoked, and soft both in words and actions, it is no wonder his clan also called him “Bee”.

Ikopek met Shuna when she first discovered the Hill Hopper Clan. At first, their relationship was one of friendship, but through trust and a shared desire to spread knowledge and understanding around the world now called Abode, Shuna and Ikopek would marry. Together they would have a son, Shukopek, the first ever human to be raised from birth in both human and elf traditions.

Shortly after Shukopek’s birth, he and Shuna left on their missionary journey to other human tribes, to help build peace and understanding between elves and humans. It was during one of these journeys that Ikopek was killed, crushed by a boulder thrown by superstitious humans who witnessed the pair’s elfin traveling companion, Kimo, using his shapeshifting powers.