Pronunciation: (rhymes with think and pink – not “jinx”, there is no “s” sound following)

Daughter of Timmain and Skywise
Lovemate of Torlon Graaf, Kullyn Kenn, Tamia Korhat, and likely many others
Student of Aurek
Friend of Firstborn Newbreed of the Neverending

Jink is the shape-shifting daughter of Timmain and Skywise, conceived as the Palace of the High Ones left the World of Two Moons on its journey back to the Star Home. A strong telepath, she was raised in an atmosphere of love and fearlessness. However, when she was just a child she unwittingly mind-wiped her father of his memories of Cutter in order to ease Skywise’s pain at the loss of his “brother in all but blood.” Learning of her error years later as a young adult, she then went on a quest of her own to put things right again.

In the FutureQuest world of Abode, centuries after the leaving of the elves, Jink has grown into a multi-faceted adventurer. She surrenders to her emotions, living for the moment. To her, life is not to be taken seriously unless absolutely necessary. Highly sensual, always ready for a tumble in the furs (or whatever else you have handy), Jink is easily distracted by someone like the psychic “tweak,” Kullyn Kenn. She finds the mental and emotional connection with another telepath irresistible. Often tagging along on an escapade just for “smoochies,” she has advised Kullyn, “The best way to survive an adventure is to enjoy it.”

Her ability for limited teleportation, called “jinking,” has gotten her out of many a scrape. When she encounters humans, Jink usually selfshapes her features to appear to be one of them.

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